Bedouin Beastie Boys (SAES School Assembly)


I created this video for the final end of year assembly at Dhahran Middle School where I worked as Technology Facilitator from 2013-2019. In previous years, I would fill in as the drummer for various bands that would form solely for the purpose of the rocking the coveted end-of-year assembly.

We spent about a week filming around the school and in the community, capturing some unique moments like the Dhahran barbershop, the 3rd School Gym, and the Chico's restaurant.

We performed live in front a raucous crowd of middle schoolers who seemed to be immediate Beastie Boy fans, and the video was displayed on a large projector screen above the stage. I overdubbed the live performance to the video, and you can also check out the live show. 

The SAES middle school holds a special place in my heart as both my children attended, my wife was a student there in the 90s, and my colleagues were world class educators and close friends.

Tool: Filmora