Guided Imagery (website)


  • JoAnne Murphy, MS

This was one of the first websites I ever created. During my graduate school work, a colleague of my father's, JoAnn Murphy, needed a website to showcase her guided imagery recordings which were used in the local school system to great effect at reducing test anxiety in students. She also provided amazing workshops at low cost to the community. Love helping out people who make positive change!

These archived photos from my local hard drive reminded me I was able to take mp3 samples and use a Flash plugin to embed the recorded samples on the page which was a bit cutting edge back in the day!

"These tapes restore a peaceful atmosphere to the classrooms, help students let go of anger…I am very excited about the possibilities.” Judith Fletcher, Principal, E.N. White Elementary School, Holyoke, MA"

"The tapes have been a new and innovative way to reach out to the young women in my counseling group…Students love them and ask for them over and over.” Lora Meals, School Adjustment Counselor, West Springfield Middle School, West Springfield, MA