The Art of Disc Dyes


A few years ago, I picked up a Cricut stencil cutter as a gift for my kids. My son, given his artistic bent, managed to get it set up and made quite a few vinyl stickers with it. Of course I bought way to many supplies for it. It's amazing machine that can work with varying weights of felt, cardboard stock, and vinyl. The advanced cuts it can make are perfect for doing stencil work with vinyl which you can apply to dyeing disc golf discs. I'll post of a blog post on the machine itself and the Cricut software. Last weekend, prior to a Dhahran Disc Golf  Club tournament, I was able to quickly resize a small logo, and print about 15 on one sheet of vinyl for a quick stamping onto prize discs. If you aren't making stencils, an eye-popping alternative is to use your dyes in glue beds or shaving cream to make some chaotic, abstract compositions. Just remember that color wheel!