Dhahran Disc Golf Club (Google Site)

The Dhahran Disc Golf Club was founded in 2019 in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Home to almost 30,000 expatriates and Saudi nationals, Dhahran is a lovely community of Saudi Aramco employees that is situated atop of rocky formations known as Jebels, where one of the first major oil deposits was located. It is part of a tri-city area on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, including Dammam and Khobar, and on clear days one can view the ocean and the nation of Bahrain which is located only 30 miles due East. It’s quite the modern oasis with hundreds of trees and home to many migrating birds. Dhahran has many amenities for athletes and hobbyists alike, and a disc golf course was long sought after by many interested disc golfers and ultimate frisbee players. Now in 2021, a stunning 18-hole Gold level disc golf course has been installed with the help of Aramco Recreation and Dhahran residents. The course has a unique placement in that inhabits the area previously granted to the first golf course in Dhahran, which was made of sand and oil instead of grass! Bunkers and tees are still used to provided disc golfers with some incredible vistas, and challenging holes using guardian trees and Jebel outcrops.

In 2019, the club quickly needed a web site to help coordinate organizational activities for the course installation, so I stood up a Google Site amidst all the excitement. I’m really impressed with how far Google Sites has come! Easy ability to integrate Google sheets, docs, galleries, and custom URLs. It’s totally WYSIWYG, but doesn’t feel or act like it in my opinion (leveraging HTML5?). Easy to stand up, just works works, and looks pretty sharp with litle customization. Thanks to all the Dhahran Disc Golf Club members!


screenshot of the dhahran disc golf club web site

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