About Jon

My current role at the Saudi Aramco Law Organization charges me with supporting attorneys and law operations staff with high quality training and support on all of our legal systems and software. I’m proud that my team is multi-cultural: we represent India, Lebanon, USA, Ireland, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia and we have worked tirelessly through Covid restrictions to support our staff.
I am a problem-solver with skills rooted in a lifetime of tinkering with computers starting with the Apple II. That spark has driven me to stay current on evolving technologies, and has spilled over into my personal hobbies including motorcycle maintenance, stereo design, disc golf course design, and digital restoration of vinyl records. Living abroad for the past ten years in Saudi Arabia, as part of an international and multi-cultural workforce, has helped me evolve as an educator and instructional designer.
I’ve compiled some personal and professional content on this site, and it I hope it conveys a bit about what makes me tick. I get excited about creating stuff and helping people. I hope you enjoy it!

(My son created all the backgrounds using Procreate!)

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